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DIY - Nov 17, 2016

What Jar Is Right For You?

wondering what size jar you need for your recipe? Whether its regular or wide mouth and 500ml all the way to 1.9L jar, we've got the info you need.

500 ml Regular Mouth Jar 

• Traditional mason jar shaped for efficient shelf storage.
• Canada’s most popular mason jar for all home canned foods.
• Ideal for tomatoes, fruit, pickles, vegetables, sauces, soups.
• Can be used for storage and crafts.
• 12 per box with 12 SNAP LIDS® and Bands.

250 ml Regular Mouth Jar 

• These jars are 4 -1/4” ( 10.5cm) high.
• They have a Decorative fruit motif textured surface and flat
oval area for label.
• Ideal for jam, jelly, chutney and sauces.
• Each box contains 12 x 250 mL standard 70mm mouth mason
jars, 12 SNAP LIDS® and Bands.

750ml Wide Mouth Jar                                                                                   

• Perfect for all your home canning needs or a collector's item.
• New brushed silver design on the outside lid with matching kitchen designs.
• BPA free jars and lids.
• Includes 9 Wide-Mouth Jars with SNAP LIDS® and Bands.