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Nov 20, 2017

Check out how Easy it is to Create your Custom Jar Labels!

The holiday season is upon us and you will have to start preparing your Christmas lists whether you are ready or not. We all have that crafty cook or baker that we need to buy for and a custom Bernardin label is just the gift since they are always giving yummy goods to you!

Using the Jar Print Builder could not be easier. To start creating your custom label click here and watch how your design comes to life!

From the red box on the right-hand side of your window select whether you would like a basic or fabric label

There are four template groupings to choose from based on the shape you would like to use. Make your shape selection and then decide which of the creative designs represents your loved one the most.

This is when you get to add your custom elements to both your front and back labels.

HINT: if you think the second label is unnecessary you can always double up on your order of the front label by designing them the same.

Be sure to select your quantities and review your work before heading to the shopping bag to check-out.

It is that simple! Bernardin provides so many templates, shapes and sizes, the creative possibilities are endless. Get creating!